23 Jun

Primavera – A Power Tool for Civil Engineers

Primavera is a project management tool that is used for creating project baselines, from its initial phase to the end. It basically helps us in monitoring the project schedules and helps us in understanding the project status at every juncture. The top three challenges that are faced by construction project stake holders are productivity, its agility and predictability and finally the efficiency. It has been seen that most of the construction projects tend to deal with delivery issues and 99.99% of the times they fail to deliver on time. This has been seen in 9 out of 10 cases and the reason either being delivery miss or exceeding the expected budget. These projects require a very complex co-ordination amongst the different departments which might include procurement and sourcing department, facilities management team, predictive analytics team, design and visualization team and various amongst the others. It implicates the need of agility amongst the construction team to respond to changing needs and predictability to forecast problems. We have seen that during the prolonged years that data and processes within the construction team are loaded onto different technological platforms which lead to inefficiency and in effective collaboration amongst the concerned stakeholders. FreelancePlanners professionals help the managers with apt solution utilizing primavera P6 software. Having seen all the above problems, now we can see the benefits of use of primavera in civil engineering projects.

The professionals working in the field of construction need easy to use and collaborative technology systems for consistently deliver successful projects. One should be highly efficient in using such an application which the professionals employed by freelanceplanners.com have practiced over the years. Primavera P6 is oracle based software which can be utilized for enterprise portfolio management, contract management and risk analysis. Thus, primavera P6 software tends to provide integrated program management solutions for managing cost, schedule, resources, uncertain changes, risks and various other aspects occurring under all types of projects. With an easy to use web based and desktop solutions, primavera can be used remotely and every individual has accountability for the decisions that he takes and its results on the project milestones. Each member of different department can focus on making informed decisions by accessing securely the real-time schedule, costs, resources and documents. The flow of Primavera P6 is so efficient the it helps people related to various departments to get connected securely and all the process taking place can be observed which leads to greater accountability and it rather reduces claims risk. One of the unique capabilities of Primavera P6 application is to model time, cost and resources all together which can be then measured through risk metrics all together and lets the project manager have a close eye on key parameters of the project. This in turn helps to keep a close eye on resources utility, project completion status and cost-effectiveness within the project. Primavera software acts as a single source which eliminates the siloed process that usually exists.

In a single sentence we could rather conclude that use of primavera in civil engineering brings about the right productivity, agility and efficiency which helps one to close projects within time and on budget which is rightly done by professionals working at FreelancePlanners.


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