23 Jun

Primavera – Application with Many Benefits

Project management is nothing but an application utilized to initiate, define, plan, execute and control the specific set of professionals with their goals defined and achieving it through the project completion. Freelanceplanners.com can be a one stop solution for obtaining cost effective results for your project. They guarantee that the total cost spent would be reduced through their service provision regarding the project management and scheduling services. The timeline specified by the company is apt and under most scenarios vary from the ones specified by planning engineer working in fulltime schedule. This leads to only one question as to why there is such a difference amongst both. Upon further inferring, we get to understand that generally full time working professionals lag because of not knowing the latest applications that provide realistic assumptions and more often being significantly correct.

Primavera P6 is one such software that is utilized by FreelancePlanners professionals which is known to provide realistic output that you would ultimately receive when the project gets completed. Project scheduling is one such department which is considered to vary highly and this rather leads to disappointment amongst the clients. To foreshadow this from happening Primavera P6 application is utilized that provides the status of your project from the initial phase through interim and ultimately the ending phase. Similar based software was developed by Microsoft which was termed as MS-Project which is widely known globally. Both of them are used across the globe due to their respective benefits. However, there are various advantages of Primavera over MS project, which makes it stand out amongst the two. We can create infinite baselines in Primavera P6 software which cannot be done in MS project as it has a limit of creation of 11 baselines. Milestones can be defined in Primavera P6 which is not possible with MS Project. P6 can characterize your projects based on the unique ID’s which is not possible through MS Project. It has an option of sorting your project in accordance to your requirement which is again not possible through MS Project. It also has an additional feature of converting all your project documents into HTML format directly through the software which enables web support services which is not present in MS Project. Besides the primary cost calculations, additional expenses like travel, training etc. which is not possible through MS Project. Primavera P6 has the additional ability to create multiple activity relationship, an entire comprehensive website with all the project details through initial stages that might include activities, resources, reports, risks, issues and various other fields which is not possible through MS Project.

Having so many advantages of primavera over MS Project, it is quite evident to prefer Primavera software over MS project application. Being such useful software, one needs to be a perfectionist to have the ability of using it. Professionals working at FreelancePlanners go through severe recruitment process and they make sure that every professional joining them are well versed with Primavera P6.


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