23 Jun

Primavera – Useful Tool for Project Management

Planning is an important facet for any engineer working as a project management professional. They need to be on their toes until the results are obtained which additionally also has deadlines. This does not happen quite often due to various reasons. One such reason is not having the knowledge of latest applications. Upon wider research, it has been seen that FreelancePlanners has trained professionals offering cost effective project planning and scheduling services as well being well versed on how to use primavera P6 software application.

The company envisions only one thing- keeping customer satisfaction as their prime goal. Primavera P6 is an enterprise software application that can be utilized for solving high end issues related to planning, and managing activities as well as resources quite efficiently. They are most widely known to be used in scheduling needs. Scheduling is nothing but a process through which organizing and controlling the flow of resources within the manufacturing industries exists. They promise to provide the best services regarding the project management, product management as well as scheduling services with their specialization related to production, procurement, infrastructures, roads, buildings, utilities, operations and maintenance. These services will be provided utilizing high-end software application which are primavera P6 or through MS project. This is done by highly skilled professionals whom FreelancePlanners recruits after rigorous interview process and make sure to allow them with live project only after getting trained intensely on how to use primavera software and MS project application software’s. Planners working for the company put their full efforts in executing the project from day 1.

One of the main benefits of using the primavera software application is that it can be used for very high scale projects but not delimiting its utility within the small scaled industries implicating that the software provides efficient results to every scope of business. You can get in touch with them directly by visiting the webpage and drop them an email or through their mentioned contact details. We see a lot of strangers in day to day life and there are many professionals who marketize themselves online. But finding a highly skilled professional is almost impossible. FreelancePlanners is an experienced company that does very well in this regard and recruits best of the best for their clients. Not only do they provide solutions but they also provide infinite number of revisions until client gets satisfied. Along with all these services through primavera software, they also assist you in your weekly and monthly reports which might be related to budget, claims, cost-spend analysis. These reports additionally specify key performance indicators. This company is based out of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, with the provision of full scale operations in UAE Emirates. They also provide services globally through remote project planning service assistance.

Thus, it is quite certain to believe that the professionals working for FreelancePlanners are well versed with MS-Project as well as Primavera P6 software application and are highly skilled to provide adequate solution to their respective clients.



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  • Jack Coolman, posted on 24 Nov, 2019

    In your example “site preparation” has a start to start link with “site excavation” without lag. Is it possible to provide an additional finish to finish link between the two activities? Could they both have a lag with a different value and a different calendar?
    Kind regards
    Jack Coolman


    • planner, posted on 12 Feb, 2020

      One relation can be established between two activities, but the case you explain can be done through a trick. through a dummy activity or milestone with 0 duration in between the two activities you want to link and make the link finish to finish.