FreelancePlanners offers Project Planning and Scheduling Services using Primavera P6 or MS-Project. Specialized on Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects (EPC Contracts), infrastructure, roads, buildings, landscaping, MEP, utilities, Procurement, Engineering, Operation and Maintenance.

The following is list of available services:

  • Primavera P6 and MS-Project
  • Convert from MS-Project to Primavera
  • Program Of Work
  • Base Line Program
  • Cost Loaded Base Line Program
  • Cost Loaded, Resource Loaded Base Line Program
  • Program Updates
  • Program Revise
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Claims Preparation
  • Histograms (Manpower& Equipment)
  • Cash Flow Graphs

Our team will provide you with construction planning services and construction scheduling services employing Primavera P6 or MS-Project. This will be assured through our top Freelance construction planners and Freelance Primavera schedulers who are highly proficient in Procurement and Construction Projects (EPC Contracts), infrastructure, roads, buildings, landscaping, MEP, utilities, Procurement, Engineering, Operation and Maintenance. Freelance Planners’ contractors take into consideration the time limit and budget that tightens construction projects, and likewise the persistent push to meet deadlines. In addition, we comprehend what it takes to bring a trustworthy schedule that leads construction since day one. Freelance Planners’ team puts effort to alleviate communication with contractors and clients.


Scheduling services

Generally speaking, Project scheduling poses a regular source of disappointment and expense for our clients.  More and more, contractors establish harsh requirements on project managers to perform schedule status updates and reporting, needing schedule reports to be submitted as a condition to advance payment. We merge our, construction scheduling consultants with your background knowledge of the project to equip your project managers with enlightened options. Now, you can easily have your project scheduler who will construct, update and report your project schedule. This indeed can be made with a low paid price.

We chose Primavera P6 project management software merely because it is the top application available to meet our clients’ requirements. This software is designed particularly for excellent performance with even the biggest, most complex projects, making it prefect for customers. With Oracle Primavera P6, you will acquire a great software application adequate in managing any project. Primavera is designed to tell you about every facet of each of your projects, your management developments and expanding achievements. Cooperation is further boosted with Primavera, exclusively when carried out in cloud-based platforms which facilitates instant access from anywhere globally. Primavera P6 shedulers allow companies to track projects from start to finish through the P6 scheduler.

Updated reports

Indeed, added to our construction consulting services we further supply you with evaluative milestone reports (both weekly and monthly) that will be delivered the client. These reports will express Key performance indicators.

Consulting services

In any job posting site, there is a great number of strangers. Still, there is a singular thing that you can continually believe in: We pledge that our total construction consulting services solely include experienced scheduling and planning professionals who will deliver established results with competence and virtue. Besides, we provide unlimited revisions in order to fulfill the client’s needs. Our unit of highly-experienced consulting experts surpasses other units in dealing closely with each customer to create ambitious solutions and guide them toward meeting their goals and needs.

Program management

When you do some mindful planning you can safeguard your project’s success earlier from setting up scope and viability, to budget, schedule and team requirements, to process implementation and continuous assessment. This includes determining risk and developing moderation techniques that will help you save time and money. Hence, our construction planning engineers help you develop a plan you can build on. Our team of professionals can help you with the conceptual planning and development of your program management systems including financials, contracts and schedules.

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