Latest Studies found that Full Time Planning Engineers utilize only 20% of Their Time to deliver what expected from them, why then to waste your company time and money?

Hiring full time planning engineer cost companies high and has a potential of big waste and loss on time, quality and money. FreelancePlanners will assure delivering the service with far lower cost and better time and quality

Here is a comparison between hiring a full time Planning Engineer and FreelancePlanners which shows why is it more wise decision to use FreelancePlanners services:


Parameter Full Time Planning Engineer FreelancePlanners
Hiring Hiring Takes average of 6 weeks 1 week
Termination Termination Takes average of two months Client can terminate the agreement once the service is not required at any time
Probationary period 6 month Not Applicable, Client can terminate the agreement at any time
Risk of unqualified Very High (loss of 6 months’ Salary) You can terminate the agreement if you are not satisfy with 0 loss!
End of Service Employer need to pay end of service No cost at all
Insurance As per local labor law, include family insurance No Insurance is required
Agreement Employer should adhere to labor law standard labor contract and law Service agreement which can be terminated by Client at any point of time on written notice
Leave One month every year, and other emergency leaves HR need to arrange for leave replacement Team of Planning Engineers will assure continuity of service
Time wasted It is estimated that Planning Engineers need to utilize only 25% of their full time job to complete their tasks No time wasted, because the client pays only for results
Attendance Full time Planning Engineer will work remotely and will come to the project location when the client or his stakeholders need
Facilities/ IT Employer need to provide:
Work station
Computer and Licensed Software and tools
Training on company processes and procedures
IT support (email, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.)
No facilities are required
Management Required high level of management
Day to day supervision
Resolve issues and problems
Required minimal management/supervision
Time Idle Employer pay flat monthly salary either planning Engineer has work or not Client pay for deliverables
Quality of Work Depend on the Hired planning engineer Freelance Planners provide 12+ years experienced planning engineers who are certified from Project Management Institute
Professionalism Depend on the Hired planning engineer You have access to a team of professional planners
Scope of Service Limited The power of sophistication of Freelance Planners team make wide range of planning service available for you
Risk involve High risk Minimal or Zero Risk
Cost item Flat salary, overhead, insurance, end of service, other benefits, office space, station, software license, stationery Client pay Deliverables only, As per agreement
Cost in general Direct monthly salary of AED 25,000 (for average planning Engineer with 10 years’ Experience) + Overhead and costs involved in the above mentioned factors Up to 70% saving on time and cost

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